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In these terms and conditions, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refers to Team Valley Printers Ltd, registered company number 915804327 at registered office Unit 321H Mayoral Way, Team Valley Trading Estate, Gateshead, NE11 0RT. ‘You’ or ‘your’ refers to the person or organisation using our website, or to whom we supply our products, and who is required to pay for them. ‘Work’ refers to products and services undertaken by us.

Content Rights

The copyright on this website is owned by Team Valley Printers Ltd, and where other material is included; by permission of the owner of those rights. Information or other material on this website is only permitted for use to provide background and general information about us and our products.

Information and Availability

All material on this website is provided for information purposes only and should be verified before proceeding with purchasing. Interruptions and delays to our website service may occur at any time, and so this website is provided without warranties of any kind. We do not accept any liability arising from any omission or change in the information, interruption in availability, damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from the use of this website.

It is your responsibility to comply with any restriction or prohibition applying to the purchase, sale or distribution of our products and services in the jurisdiction in which you are based. We accept no responsibility for any liabilities incurred by our customers connected with their purchase, receipt or use of our goods and services.

Ordering and Payment


By placing an order via email, telephone or our website, you are offering to buy specified products from us at the price stated. Estimates are calculated at our current production costs, and unless otherwise stated; are given exclusive of tax or delivery costs.

All work carried out shall be charged. Any additional work required of us due to the supply of inadequate copy, incomplete or incorrect instructions or insufficient materials, or late delivery of the same from you will be charged.

Payment is due before delivery.

Should you suspend or delay your order beyond 30 days, we are entitled to immediate payment for work already carried out, or loss or wastage of resources that cannot be further used.


Payment is due before delivery of the product. At our discretion, we may also ask for part or full payment before production. Any additional design work required will also be charged for.

If credit is granted, payment is due according to the terms stated on our invoice.

If we are unable to fulfil your order or if we experience a delay in production which exceeds the desired delivery date, we will ask you whether you wish to order an alternative product, or cancel your order. If you choose to cancel your order in these circumstances, we will refund your payment within 14 days.


Delivery of the Work shall be accepted when tendered. Whilst we will make every effort to adhere to schedule, completion and delivery times are a guide only.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, delivery will be to the kerb outside your address and you should make arrangements for off-loading, additional transportation and storage.

Materials supplied by you:

Electronic Files

It is your responsibility to retain a copy of any original electronic file you provide to us. We are not responsible for checking the accuracy of material provided in an electronic file unless otherwise agreed in writing.

If an electronic file supplied by you is not suitable for outputting on our equipment without corrective action by us, we may agree with you a charge for this action.

Other Materials

Film or other materials owned by you and supplied to us in the production of our services will remain your exclusive property.  We may reject any materials unsuitable for the purpose intended. Quantities of materials supplied by you must be adequate to cover normal spoilage.


All property supplied to us by you is at your own risk, whilst in our possession or in transit to and from us, and you should insure your property accordingly.

Ownership of work

Goods or services supplied by the Company remain the Company’s property until the customer has paid for them and discharged all other debts owing to the Company.


We are not liable for any errors not corrected by you after you have approved and returned proofs. Any additional proofs necessitated shall incur extra costs.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, a reasonable variation in colour between proofing and production due to differences in equipment and materials, is permitted.

Variation in quantity

Whilst we take all reasonable steps to ensure quantities are accurate, our estimates are conditional upon margins of 5% over or under the specified quantity, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Claims and Liability:


Advice of damage, delay or loss of goods in transit or of non-delivery must be given in writing to us within three clear days of delivery or notification of dispatched goods, and any resultant claim must be made in writing to us within seven clear days of delivery or notification of dispatched goods. All other claims must be made in writing to us within 14 days of delivery.

If the work is defective so that you may in legally reject it, you must do so within seven days of delivery of the goods. After this time, you will be deemed to have accepted the work. We reserve the right to inspect the work within seven days of any claim or rejection being notified.


Where work is legally deemed defective, our liability (if any) is limited to rectifying the defect, or crediting its value against its respective invoice. Where we perform our obligations to rectify defective work under this condition, we are not liable for any loss incurred by the defective work. You are not entitled to cancel further deliveries or payments.

You must return defective work to us before we can issue replacements or credit. If you do not, you will be deemed to have accepted the work, and no replacements or credit will be issued.

We are not liable for any loss, or third party claims occasioned by delay of work in transit, whether as a result of our negligence or otherwise.

If you opt to have the work re-done by any third party without reference to us, you automatically revoke your right to credit from us.

You must approve all work prior to its forwarding to a third party for further processing. We are not liable for any claims resulting from work carried out by third party processing.

Illegal material

We are not required to print any matter which we believe may be of an illegal or libelous nature or an infringement of the proprietary or other rights of a third party.

We will be indemnified by you in any claims, costs and expenses arising out of the printing for you any illegal, unlawful or libelous matter, or which infringes copyright, patent, design or any other proprietary or personal rights. The indemnity shall include (without limitation) any amounts paid on a lawyer´s advice in settlement of any claim that any matter is libelous or such an infringement.


All specifications and notices between you and us, and all variations to this agreement must be in writing and include a duly authorised signature.


These Terms and conditions shall be governed by English law and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising in relation with this website. 


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